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Public Insurance Claim Adjusters

Allwest Adjusters Wants To Help. Period!

If you have suffered an insured loss—Fire, Water, Storm— this is one of the most stressful times you can face... Let a Professional handle it for you!
You need to get on with your life.

You need an insurance settlement professional on your side to help with insurance claims, property insurance settlements and possibly to help increase your insurance settlement amount!

Allwest Adjusters are professional public adjusters who WORK FOR YOU, not the insurance company! Let us help you recover from your loss.

I am constantly amazed that victims of property loss would let an insurance company's adjuster tell them how much their loss is worth!

Call us at (253) 896-3700! Why settle for less?

What is a Public Adjuster?

  • Represents YOUR interests, not the insurance company's
  • Has a vested interest in maximizing insurance recoveries
  • Loyal to you... the one who suffered the loss

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

  • They have experience in handling claims
  • They are Professionals with expertise in protecting YOUR interests
  • "Your Interest" includes not saving money on reduced payouts

How does a Public Adjuster Help?

  • By extensively (and properly) documenting the loss
  • By doing the dirty work for you... digging through the damage
  • By uncovering all of the damage

Who Pays the Public Adjuster?

  • They get a small percentage of the Insurance Settlement
  • You don't pay until you receive the insurance payout
  • For a slice of the pie, you just might get a bigger pie

Why do we at Allwest Adjusters do it?

  • People are hurting because of the losses they have suffered
  • Public Adjusters step in and help bear the burden
  • Insurance companies measure by "Severity"
    but Public Adjusters measure by pain relief

People who have suffered a loss need help

Between the actual losing of part of their lives, they now have to contend with insurance companies, digging through the loss, relocation... and a host of other issues. And frankly, it's just too much. They have lives to continue running. The people at Allwest Adjusters derive great satisfaction from the difference we can make, often immediately.

The President of Allwest Adjusters served proudly as Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the United States Army. “In my years of service, I encountered many suffering people. At that time, it wasn't my duty to help them. But now, as a business owner, I have the means to help people. Life has taught me this lesson... You reap what you sow. Allwest Adjusters' mission is to help the suffering. Helping people is our business and our passion.”  – Capt. Kyle Grinnell
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