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The President of Allwest Adjusters served proudly as a Captain and Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the United States Army.
“In my years of service, I encountered many people in distress. At that time, it wasn't my duty to help them. But now, as a business owner, I have the means to help. Allwest Adjusters' mission is to help the suffering. Life has taught me this lesson... You get out what you put in. You reap what you sow. However you say it, helping people is our business and our passion.”
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People who have suffered a loss need help

Between the actual losing of part of their lives, they now have to contend with insurance companies, digging through the loss, relocation... and a host of other issues. And frankly, it's just too much. They have lives to continue running. The people at Allwest derive great satisfaction from the difference we can make, often immediately.
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Insurance companies have better things to do than help people

Insurance companies have better things to do than help people Insurance companies look out for their interests. It's a simple, plain, obvious fact. They have their own priorities, schedules, timetables and issues. They often times put their interests in front of the needs of the people who need the help the most. The people at Allwest Adjusters DO NOT have anything better to do than help you.
Our mission is to help you.
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