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Water Loss:

Frankenstein's Monster Returns...

Water loss is actually more common than fire losses... and more sinister. Compared to water damage, Fire losses are relatively easy to identify the damage. Char and smoke makes itself known. But water damage is harder to follow. A leak in one side of a structure can cause damage on another side of the same structure, perhaps even several floors away, without the damage being obvious.Water can flow through barriers that trap other damaging agents.

Insurance companies are terrified of water losses. They generally will not insure a building that has a history of water damage. Sellers and Buyers of properties arediscovering that a structure with water damage history is very difficult to properly insure with preferred insurance companies. Once a property has the stigma ofwater damage it is very likely insurable only by sub-standard insurance companies. There is a reason why they are known in the insurance industry as"sub-standard"!

When something gets wet in a water loss, if undetected, and unattended, mold creeps in and creates a Frankenstein's monster of the insurance claim. And it comes back later, often MUCH later. Years later. Insurance companies have bred the monster which is the fear of mold, and now it'sturning on its creator.

That is why Allwest Adjusters has a simple guideline: If it got wet, it's gone! How do walls get wet without ceilings and floors getting damaged also? But we've seen insurance companies trying to minimize their payout using this curious freak of physics. But with Allwest Adjusters on yourside, we will fight to get anything that got wet out of the building, and out of your future.

But there is an even MORE sinister lurker: non-renewal!!! There is a good chance that if you suffer a water loss, that your insurance company will drop you, and you will have difficulty obtaining insurance, even at unreasonable prices. But if we can PROVE that everything that "got wet got gone", you have a much better chance in picking up insurance after this loss. You'll need to provide the same proof when you want to sell your property in the future, too.

One more thing: The sooner Allwest Adjusters is on the claim of water loss, the more likely it is that the "wet gets gone" without an unsuccessful fight with the insurance company. So, if you have suffered a water loss, contact us through this website or pick up the phone right now and call us.
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