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Earthquakes: Not if, but when...

We live in a Seismic Zone. We know this. We think about it occasionally. But earthquake loss does happen. And will happen. And (not if, but) when quake loss happens, call Allwest Adjusters. Your insurance company will be too busy with everyone else. We'll be busy helping you.

The linked article gives specifics. Here are just a few of the possible outcomes:
  • A quake similar to one that hit about 1,100 years ago on the Seattle Fault could kill more than a thousand people, injure more than 17,000 and cause $31 billion in damage to buildings, bridges, roads and utilities.
  • Hundreds would perish in a magnitude 7.4 quake on a fault that runs through Everett, and nearly 300,000 buildings would be damaged.
  • If the fault that passes near Tacoma unleashes a magnitude 7.1 quake the next time it ruptures, nearly 12,000 households could be displaced and more than 6,000 people injured.
Read more about the risk of earthquake loss here:
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