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Public Insurance Claim Adjusters

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?

When you need medical help, you call a medical professional... When you need tax advice, you call a tax professional...

So when you need insurance claim help, why would you not call an insurance claim professional?

Public Adjusters are professionals in settling claims while protecting your interests.

They have done this before. Have you?

Public Adjusters are professionals."Insurance claims" are what they do, in the same way that "medicine" is what a doctor does. Public Adjusters know the adjustment and settlement process and how to smooth it out. Settling a claim is a process that involves a lot of accounting, inventory and assessment of the goods lost or damaged. Most people are not familiar with insurance claims and estimating losses. And after you have suffered a loss, especially the loss of your house or your livelihood, you have to get on with your life. You don't have the time, energy or perhaps the emotional strength to handle every step of the process. Call a pro...

Public Adjusters are professionals who are experts at protecting your interests. Are you?

Sometimes, insurance companies show up with a checkbook; then they use it as a sedative. They dribble a little cash out, maybe $5,000 - $10,000 to get you comfortable. And you get all warm and fuzzy. But recall, it's your money that they are trickling out. If you have a loss that is obviously at least $300,000 why not start with a $300,000 check? That would be in your best interest!

Insurance companies are essentially buying your lost goods, so they are interested in paying as little as possible. The truth is that claim settlements are negotiations. Each side wants something. Insurance companies aren't really looking out for your interests, are they? That's just a fact of business. That's why you need a Public Adjuster. A Public Adjuster's expertise eases your burden of the settlement process. They ensure that your interests are protected.

You want to get the most from your settlement. Will you?

The expertise of a Public Adjuster can give you peace of mind of having an expert handle your claim, with your interests in mind. And it goes without saying that "your interests" include getting as much money for your loss as possible. Public Adjuster are experts in this as well. The Public Adjuster has a vested interest in increasing your settlement amount. The insurance adjuster doesn't, does he? Having a professional on your side can only help you. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Look what Insure.com had to say about public adjusters:
"Public claims adjusters know the insurance process inside and out, so they can minimize the hassle that comes with collecting documents and evidence, and then negotiating with the insurance company. "

"You should hire an adjuster if your lifestyle is significantly disrupted."

"One piece of advice is to seek a public adjuster's service right away. Often it's nearly impossible for consumers to know what to expect from an insurer in a homeowners claim situation, even after they read their policies."

Source: http://www.insure.com/home/publicadjuster.html

Think of it this way...

You would hire a professional to sell your house. You would hire a professional if called to court. Public Adjusters are professionals... you are not. And if you're not a professional, let us gently ask: What does that make you?

But, can't I handle the claim process myself?

You could. You have that right. But ask yourself this... Have you done this before? Are you an expert in the process? Certainly, your interests are paramount, but do you know the best ways to protect and assert your interests? You wouldn't go to court and defend yourself. You wouldn't face an IRS audit without expert assistance. Why face the claims process alone?

Let a professional handle it for you.

Do you have the time and energy to pursue this yourself? If you have suffered a loss, you have to think about your livelihood, your loved ones, and perhaps even your sleeping arrangements. You don't need the added burden of the claims process. Do you?
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